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Sungmin better not leave SJ just because K-ELF are whining and acting like spoiled kids who didn’t get what they wanted. Seriously.

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Happy Birthday Lee Donghae ♥

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141014 Sungmin blog update trans

Title: To.
Message: To. Everyone Who Allowed the Current Me to Exist
<Dear. E.L.F>

Hello, this is Sungmin.
What words to say first… I thought of it countless times, even just the first sentence.
I wrote and deleted countless times, and while doing that, I could remember the thankful faces..
and their voices more..
I write this letter with a heavy and cautious heart.
Everyone, I met a good person, and will be getting married on 12/13.
Thinking about you guys who received the news suddenly today, my heart aches.
I wanted to give the news to my precious friend, and those who love me, to E.L.F. first, and was thinking about how to say it and when.. Sorry that you guys learned through it first through the news article.
To be honest, before I passed this news, because of the decision I am making, and with thoughts about those who have been with me till now…
There was a lot of time that I conflicted (within myself) a lot and endured it alone.
Not because I was afraid of my decision, but worried how surprised my thankful people will be when they hear this news that they’ve never experienced before, worried about how they could be hurt.
It’s a bit late, but with the courage from your big love and trust in me, I announce this news myself.
I really want to say that I am truly thankful to you guys, who watched me- like a shadow-grow up from nobody and cheered me on.
I am really thankful to those who helped me so far, and members and the company who trust my decision and respect it.
I will continue to work harder from now on, and will become Sungmin-ee who repay your love.


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..do you really have to mention that..

trans by: ❤️

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How Suju spend their holiday (trans)

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SMTown Laughs

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Getting someone’s attention


Normal person:




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"teuk really got mad when gura said sj is a seasonal product even got mad at kyu for not backing up sj”

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Kim Gura #youtried
Translated by Yoojin @SJ-WORLD.NET

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